Séminaire de master dirigé par Christoph Riedo (Post-Doc, Harvard University Department of Music), dans le cadre du séminaire Musicologie : Sources et Pratiques, organisé par Thierry Favier.

• 7 décembre 2016 – 10h/12h30 et 14h/15h30

• Pavillon Universitaire Musique et Danse, salle de cours 1
15 rue Guillaume VII le troubadour – Bât. E 08 – rez-de-jardin




Christoph Riedo

« La main doit […] représenter aux yeux une image de la cadence que l’oreille doit entendre ». The time-beater’s gestures and their impact on musical perception.

Christoph Riedo studied musicology and history at the Universities of Fribourg/CH, Berne/CH and Padova/I. From 2005-10 he participated in the project “Music from the monasteries in Switzerland” and defended in 2012 his PhD thesis on sacred music in Milan in the 18th century. From 2011-13 he was a lecturer at the University of Fribourg and since 2012 he is working in a project on printed song leaflets. A postdoctoral scholarship of 18 months will allow him, from 2015 on, to study the instrumental music of the 17th century, first at the Museum of Instruments in Vienna and then at Harvard University. Beside his musicological studies, Christoph Riedo studied also Baroque violin in Basel, Geneva and Milan. He is also active as a baroque violinist and violist.