Journée d'études organisée par Diane Bodart (Criham / Université de Poitiers / Columbia University), dans le cadre du programme Alliance.

• Vendredi 3 avril 2015 – 15h30 / 19h15

• New York, Columbia University




In recent decades, scholars have devoted particular attention to different forms of early modern graffiti and shown how the perception of writing and drawing on wall surfaces is relative to time and context. In the early modern era, graffiti were not necessarily singled out as intrusive or destructive acts distinct from other forms of writing or drawing, but were part of cultural as well as religious practices performed in a collective or an individual way.

This workshop intends to create a discussion between scholars who have investigated early modern practices of graffiti from several perspectives, in order to analyze the complexity of this phenomenon at a time when it had not yet found its current definition. The workshop wishes to bring attention to the different forms of parietal writing and drawing and to the variety of their processes, intentions and uses. A particular focus will be given to the temporality of graffiti and the methodologies of their interpretation, documentation, and conservation.



• 9:30 – Working with graffiti: approaches, methodologies, geographies

• 11:10 – Coffee break

• 11:30 – The temporality of graffiti: sources, materials, contexts, modes, practices, conservation



Francesca Alberti, Académie de France à Rome
Juliet Fleming, New York University
Charlotte Guichard, CNRS/ IHMC, Paris
Jérémie Koering, CNRS/ Centre André Chastel, Paris
Véronique Plesch, Colby College
Alessandra Russo, Columbia University



Diane Bodart, Columbia University
Noémie Étienne, Institute of Fine Arts

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